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At Hurstwic, we are eager to share what we have learned about the Viking age, and unlike Mímir and Óđin, we don’t ask that you give up an eye to drink from our well of knowledge. We are pleased to include here links to factual articles about the Viking age that we have written. The articles are updated regularly, and we plan to add more articles on a regular basis.

A list of some of the references used to create these articles is here.

Odin drinks at Mimir's well

Daily Living in the Viking Age



Society in the Viking Age



Combat, Weapons, Shipbuilding, and other Manufacturing in the Viking Age



Language, Literature, and the Arts in the Viking Age



Myths and Religion in the Viking Age


Myths and Religion in Norse Lands


The Hurstwic Library


The Saga of Hurstwic: how Hurstwic came to be

Traps and Pitfalls in the field of Viking research - an article illustrated with examples of traps Hurstwic has fallen into

Our calling card: who we are and what we've done recently

Recent media appearances: links to some of our recent interviews, lectures, and presentations

Hurstwic and Glímusamband Íslands (Glíma Association of Iceland) published this article about Glíma for UNESCO to secure Glíma's place in world history.

On-line how-to articles for re-enactors

On-line tools for students and scholars


Books, Films, and Videos by Hurstwic authors

Viking Weapons and Combat Techniques Icelanders in the Viking Age The Final Battle of Gisli Sursson The Final Battle of Grettir the Strong Men of Terror
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