Hurstwic Viking Combat
In August 2019, Hurstwic and Eiríksstaðir held a festival in Iceland, Járngerðarhátíð 2019. The festival was a homage to experimental archaeology, with a focus on unlocking the secrets of how Icelanders made iron in the Viking age, secrets that have been lost for centuries. We succeeded! The Hurstwic team made bloomery iron in Iceland for the first time in 700 years, using all Icelandic materials in Icelandic-style furnaces based on recent archaeological discoveries. Festival guests not only watched but were invited to participate in the adventure with us. Learn more about our festival here, watch a slideshow that gives a taste of the adventure, and watch a segment on the festival that aired on "Landinn," and Icelandic television show.


Although our formal training program is on hiatus, Hurstwic continues to research and practice the fighting moves of the Vikings. Learn more about our past work and future plans.

All Things Viking

Hurstwic's interests include all things Vikings, and we offer other opportunities to learn and to grow, including the Hurstwic Podcast, the Hurstwic Heathen Study Group, and the Hurstwic Old Norse Language Boot Camp, and other formal and informal group learning experiences from time to time.

Viking-age History, Culture, and Society

Learn more about Viking-age topics using on-line articles and other documents created by Hurstwic. Whether you are a scholar, a student, or just have a casual curiosity about Vikings, we think you'll find something of interest here.

Training Materials

Use our training materials in your own training, including the Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training series of DVDs, along with other Hurstwic books and DVDs. Learn more, watch a preview, and buy them now from Hurstwic, LLC, or from Amazon and other vendors. And be sure to wear your official Hurstwic t-shirt while training or while watching the DVDs!

The Saga of Hurstwic

Read our story about Hurstwic came to be: the Saga of Hurstwic.

Affiliate and Study Group Programs

We offer programs so that your school, club, or group can use the Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system for your training, even if you are located far from our home base. Learn more and become an affiliate or a study group.

The Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system is a new approach to researching and teaching historical martial arts. We use a series of drills, exercises, and games to teach martial fundamentals to novices, and then use expanded versions of these exercises to research and build our knowledge of Viking fighting moves. The work is physically vigorous, mentally challenging, and fun.