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Research and Training in the Combat Methods of the Viking Era

Hurstwic, LLC provides training services and related merchandise related to the research and practice of Viking-age combat as embodied in the innovative Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system.

Join us in our research and practice of the Fighting Moves of the Vikings.


Hurstwic now offers an on-going Old Norse reading and study group, a follow-up program to our Old Norse Language Boot Camp, which we plan to offer again in the fall. Contact us for more information.


Hurstwic is pleased to announce our next Introductory Viking Combat Training Workshop, offered on Saturday, May 3.

Viking axe combat

Hurstwic viking combat training

• Training

Practice and learn the fighting moves of the Vikings in our regular training sessions, or in our occasional workshops and classes, taught at the Hurstwic training facility in Millbury, MA, USA. Learn more and join us in our practice.

Hurstwic web articles

• Viking-age History, Culture, and Society

Learn more about Viking-age topics using on-line articles and other documents created by Hurstwic. Whether you are a scholar, a student, or just have a casual curiosity about Vikings, we think you'll find something of interest here.

Hurstwic activities

• News, Notes, and Upcoming Events

Hurstwic's next Introductory Viking Combat Training Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, May 3. Join us!

Get the latest news on Hurstwic activities and events. Read the latest Hurstwic newsletter here, which is published on an irregular basis.

Hurstwic training DVD

• Training Materials

Use our training materials in your own training, including the Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training series of DVDs. Learn more, watch a preview, and buy them now from Hurstwic, LLC, or from Amazon and other vendors.

And be sure to wear your official Hurstwic t-shirt while training or while watching the DVDs!

Hurstwic's story - the saga of Hurstwic

• The Saga of Hurstwic

Read our story about Hurstwic came to be: the Saga of Hurstwic.

Hurstwic affiliate and study groups

• Affiliate and Study Group Programs

We offer programs so that your school, club, or group can use the Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system for your training, even if you are located far from our home base. Learn more and become an affiliate or a study group.

We Are Hurstwic

A YouTube video introduction to our goals, mission, and activities.

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